Sis. Doris Akers,

Mother of Eight,

Wife of Pastor Harry Akers,


Bloomington, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona



BY: Pastor Robert E. Akers

Landmark AHC

Dawson Springs, KY


M is for my mother-

My best friend in the world

She started training for this job

When she was just a girl

By hugging dolls

And bossing little boys

Until that very special day

When I became her child!


O should stand for others,

She always put them first

Whatever there was needed,

A cook, the friend, a nurse

A kiss to cool A fevered brow

A hand to rock the cradle

A favorite meal with sweet dessert

To grace the Sunday table


T is for the time she spent

Teaching me the way

Telling me of Jesus

And wiping tears away

She saved so little for herself

So, is it any wonder

We take the time this Mother’s Day

To thank her and remember?


H is for the happiness

She always brought our way

No hidden hurt, no heavy heart

Could ever come to stay

She made our home much brighter

By lighting up our lives

With kindness and a thoughtful word

That always brought the smiles


E should stand for everything-

Like her energy and endurance

Or excellence and encouragement,

The things that she brought to us

Mother, you have had a part

In shaping tender lives

So now we pause this special day

To give you our ‘high fives’!


R is for rejoicing

For happy words to say

We take this time to give to you

Your flowers on this day

May your life be long and healthy

And may God grant to you

A bouquet of His freshest flowers

When your life on earth is through!


And so we love you mother.

And we really think your swell

And on this special Mother’s Day

We hope that you can tell:

I’m glad that you’re my mother

And I’m glad that I’m your child

And I hope that my life brings to you

A million happy smiles!


Respectfully submitted in memory of my

Precious mother,

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